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Ethical sourcing statement

It is our belief that heritage crafts can be a beacon of sustainability. However, many crafts have traditionally used plant, animal and mineral resources that may now raise questions around ethical and sustainable sourcing.

The use of raw materials, including animal-derived materials, in craft products is the choice of the individual craftsperson and does not reflect the views of the Heritage Crafts Association.

Our objective is to encourage:

  • a continuous improvement in the sourcing of materials, and to avoid adverse social and environmental impacts in the supply chain;
  • innovation in materials and processes to minimise social, ethical and environmental impacts;
  • maximising the use of reclaimed and recycled materials;
  • minimising carbon emissions, pollution and the use of hazardous materials;
  • meeting and exceeding national and internationally recognised standards;
  • only using animal products from animals that have been treated ethically and responsibly;
  • only using animal products that are by-products of meat production; and
  • eliminating the use of products from animals that have been slaughtered exclusively for their skin, shell, horn, bone, feather or down.