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Mission and values

Our Mission

To support and promote heritage crafts as a fundamental part of our living heritage.

We do this through

  • Knowledge – researching the status of heritage crafts and identifying those crafts in decline or in imminent danger of being lost.
  • Advocacy – communicating the vital importance of heritage craft skills to the public, Government, key agencies and organisations.
  • Safeguarding – ensuring that the highest standard of heritage craft skills are passed from one generation to the next and are recorded for posterity where necessary.
  • Support – supporting heritage craftspeople to continue to practice, nurture and pass on their craft.
  • Engagement – actively raising awareness and interest in heritage craft skills with the wider public and offering opportunities to engage.                                                                                                                                                                     

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by our proactive commitments to:

  • Equity and inclusivity – removing barriers to participation and fostering appreciation of heritage crafts across diverse communities.
  • Credibility and authority – reflecting the extensive expertise of our heritage craft communities.
  • Collaboration and cooperation – facilitating connection between makers, supporters and partner organisations.
  • Sustainability and stewardship – being mindful of the cultural, social, economic and environmental impacts of heritage crafts.
  • Integrity and honesty – operating openly, accountably and fairly.
  • Continual learning and development – safeguarding heritage skills by adapting to changing social, cultural and economic contexts.

We work with organisations and individuals who share these values, and expect
everyone involved with Heritage Crafts to uphold them.