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Lord Cormack

Photograph used with permission of the University of Hull

“I am a passionate believer in our traditional crafts and proud to be a vice-president of Heritage Crafts, which seeks to give a forum to some of the most highly skilled craftsmen and women in the world.

“It is essential that we cherish our crafts and Heritage Crafts actively campaigns not only to promote and protect them, but, most important of all, to encourage young people to contemplate a career in crafts.

“Heritage Crafts recently commissioned a survey which revealed how many of our traditional crafts are in danger of becoming extinct – and indeed some have already ceased to exist.

“Heritage Crafts depends very much on an exceptionally dedicated team of volunteer trustees who receive very little in the way of financial support and assistance. We need those who care about these things to support them in every way, and that includes financially.

“Please consider very carefully becoming a Benefactor so we can keep you regularly informed of the work of Heritage Crafts and give you the opportunity of enjoying more fully the heritage crafts and skills you love by making a tangible contribution to their survival.”

The Lord Cormack DL FSA
Vice-President of Heritage Crafts


Become a Benefactor of Heritage Crafts

For £1,000 per annum you will receive:

  • a visit to a maker’s workshop or open house at a craft venue;
  • two tickets to the Heritage Crafts Annual Conference;
  • acknowledgement in the Heritage Crafts Annual Review and on the Heritage Crafts website;
  • membership of Heritage Crafts.

We like to develop longstanding relationships with our Benefactors and hope they will wish to support us in the long term.


Our Benefactors are pivotal to the future of heritage crafts

Your financial contribution will help us to:

  • raise awareness of the challenges facing heritage crafts;
  • make awards and bursaries which recognise excellence and provide funding for training and support for emerging craft talent;
  • support the heritage crafts community so that traditional crafts continue into the future;
  • record endangered craft skills and make them available in print and online;
  • advocate for traditional crafts to government and key organisations;
  • increase the profile of heritage crafts across the UK and raise awareness of the world-class crafts produced here;
  • highlight the cultural value of heritage crafts and their national importance;
  • inform and inspire young people to consider a career in craft;
  • provide teaching materials for non-specialists so that crafts can be taught in the classroom.


To find out more about becoming a Heritage Crafts Benefactor, please contact

If you wish to to set up a recurring annual Benefactors Direct Debit payment, please click the button below (or click here if you would prefer to make a one-off payment). Other payment methods such as cheque and bank transfer are available on request.


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