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National Honours

There are almost 210,000 of us working in heritage crafts but we have been very poorly represented in the National Honours which come out twice a year on the Monarch’s birthday and at New Year. However, Heritage Crafts has been taking action, and we have now been recognised by the Honours Team as an organisation they contact officially requesting suggestions for suitable nominations. It is very time consuming, as we know from the nominations we have made, but it is well worth it to ensure that heritage crafts and craftspeople are nationally recognised.

Heritage Crafts is delighted to have successfully nominated a number of world-class craftspeople. So far these are our successes:


  • Ewan Clayton MBE, calligrapher, 2013
  • Owen Jones MBE, oak swill basketmaker, 2013
  • Malcolm Appleby MBE, hand engraver, 2014
  • Gail McGarva BEM, boat builder,  2014
  • Lida Kindersley MBE, letter cutter, 2015
  • Robin Wood MBE, green woodworker, 2015
  • Ray Key BEM, woodturner, 2015
  • Jane Short MBE, enameller, 2015
  • Roger Bucknall MBE, guitar maker, 2015
  • Hector Cole MBE, arrowsmith, 2016
  • Lisa Hammond MBE, potter, 2016
  • Wim Visscher MBE, vellum maker, 2017
  • Felicity Irons BEM, worker in rush, 2017
  • John Lord BEM, flintknapper, 2017
  • Kaffe Fassett MBE, textile designer and maker, 2018
  • Martin Frost MBE, disappearing fore-edge painter, 2019
  • David A Smith MBE, reverse glass sign artist, 2020
  • Wendy Shorter-Blake MBE, upholsterer, 2020
  • Brian Crossley MBE, chair caner, 2020
  • Veronica Main MBE, straw plaiter, 2021
  • Geoffrey Preston MBE, plaster worker, 2021
  • Hilary Burns MBE, basket maker, 2021
  • Rebecca Oaks MBE, coppice worker, 2021
  • Greg Rowland MBE, wheelwright, 2022
  • Brian Allcock BEM, hand grinder, 2023
  • David Poole MBE, clockmaker, 2023
  • Ronald John Maclean MBE, boatbuilder, 2023
  • Delyth Done MBE, blacksmithing trainer, 2023
  • Robert Woodland MBE, marbler and woodgrainer, 2023
  • Jeanette Sloan BEM, knitwear designer, 2023