Apply to the Endangered Crafts Fund

Last making

Endangered craft of last making. Photo by Steven Lowe.

Deadline: 23 September 2022

Thanks to support from the Dulverton Trust, Pilgrim Trust and the Sussex Heritage Trust – Heritage Crafts is again inviting craft practitioners and organisations in the UK to apply for small grants to fund projects that support and promote endangered crafts (the craft must be listed as endangered or critically endangered on the current Red List of Endangered Crafts).

During the pandemic our craft skills are at more risk than ever before. This fund can now be used to address the specific challenges of COVID-19 to endangered skills and knowledge. There is a maximum of £2,000 available for each project and we will work with you to develop and support your work.

For example, this may include:

  • training for yourself to learn a new craft or technique;
  • training for an apprentice so that you can pass on skills and knowledge;
  • specialist equipment that will enable you to practice a craft or add a new product to your business;
  • materials and equipment to start running workshops; or
  • innovative approaches to supporting and promoting endangered crafts.

In addition to the funding you will also receive support from the Endangered Crafts Manager and the Heritage Crafts team to ensure that your project is a success. This will be unique to your project but it could include mentor support, business support or signposting to other opportunities.

See the projects that were successfully funded in the previous application rounds

The Endangered Crafts Fund is now open with a deadline of 23 September 2022. To apply, please fill in the project outline form and email the completed form to Mary Lewis at

Eligible projects will be invited to progress to the next stage in collaboration with Heritage Crafts and all applications will be judged by a panel. Please note that this is a competitive process and not all applications will receive funding. If you would like to talk over your project idea, please contact Mary at

Supported by: The Pilgrim Trust, The Dulverton Trust, The Sussex Heritage Trust and the generous support of individual donors and HCA members. Previous donors include The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, Allchurches Trust, The Radcliffe Trust and The Ernest Cook Trust.