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Write to your MP

Visit Write To Them to find contact details for your local MP, and get the chance to write to them online.

We haven’t included a model letter for you to cut-and-paste because this impersonal type of correspondance often ends up being ignored. Instead, we would encourage you to use your own words, and if possible, examples of your own experiences and from your own constituency.

Points you may wish to raise might include:

  • crafts are an important part of our shared heritage;
  • heritage crafts are in crisis, and many are in danger of being lost within the next decade;
  • heritage crafts contribute towards local distinctiveness and community cohesion;
  • the UK is far behind many other nations in the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, of which traditional crafts are an important part;
  • to find out more, contact the Heritage Crafts Association, email