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Apprentice Zoe provides career inspiration on BBC Bitesize

Zoe CollisZoe Collis, the papermaking apprentice at Two Rivers Paper who was recruited in through the HCA’s 2017 pre-apprenticeship pilot scheme (and has since gone on to be awarded a Trailblazer apprenticeship, HCA/Arts Society bursary and QEST Scholarship) is now a role model for young heritage crafts recruits after featuring on the BBC Bitesize website.

In the video case study, Zoe’s boss Jim Patterson said: “The largest impact that Zoe’s had on the business is by raising the amount of paper that we make and of course the amount that we sell. We’ve doubled our production in the year since Zoe’s been here.”

It’s wonderful to think about all of the future careers in heritage crafts this might inspire!

Getting into heritage crafts – advisory document

Getting into heritage craftsPre-apprenticeship first contact opportunities for young people and heritage craft businesses

A theory of change advisory document from an Ernest Cook funded pilot project in South West England

Written and compiled by Tracy Hill, The Creativity Chamber, for the Heritage Crafts Association – November 2017

This document provides guidance to any organisation or agency considering setting up ‘first contact’ opportunities for young people who wish to embark upon apprenticeship-style training and employment with heritage craft businesses. It explores the challenges to small heritage craft businesses in delivering these types of training and career opportunities, interrogates the pros and cons of accreditation, and advises on best practice in relation to stakeholder engagement – specifically how businesses, education providers and young people can work together to ensure succession and sustainability for the heritage craft business.

Ernest Cook TrustThe education system (from primary through to Higher Education), economic development agencies and cultural identity initiatives all have a role in addressing the complicated issues surrounding apprenticeship-style training in heritage crafts.

This document collates learning from the Ernest Cook Trust funded pilot pre-apprenticeship project delivered by the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA) in West Somerset, alongside interview and survey data gathered from businesses, young people and education providers. It reviews current delivery of apprenticeship-style training and includes proposals for a Theory of Change model.

Download Getting Into Heritage Crafts (PDF, 2.1MB)