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Knife making


The making of knives, such as kitchen knives and bushcraft knives. See the separate entry for folding knife making.


Status Currently viable
Craft category Metal
Historic area of significance
Area currently practised
Origin in the UK
Current no. of professionals (main income)
Current no. of professionals (sideline to main income)
Current no. of trainees
Current total no. serious amateur makers
Current total no. of leisure makers
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Issues affecting the viability of the craft

  • Legislation: There are various laws applying to the sale of knives
  • Recruitment issues: Difficulty in finding people who want to work in manufacturing as people don’t want to get their hands dirty.


Support organisations


Craftspeople currently known


Other information

Total number of craftspeople: A Wright & Son of Sheffield manufactures knives, folding knives and swords and does hand grinding in-house. They have a workforce of ten people – five older people, and five younger people whom they train from scratch, and everyone does a bit of everything.