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‘Culture in the Making’ – The Museum of Making, 16 March 2024

‘Culture in the Making’ – The Museum of Making, 16 March 2024

When: Saturday 16 March 2024, 10am to 4pm
Where: Museum of Making, Silk Mill Lane, Derby DE1 3AF

As the UK prepares to join the 2003 UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage, join Heritage Crafts and Derby Museums to celebrate!

In December the UK Government announced the historic decision that the UK would be joining 182 other countries around the world in ratifying the UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. But what is Intangible Cultural Heritage? Quite simply it means the knowledge, skills and practices that make up our cultural heritage… traditions that exist within humans and that come to life through performances… whether that be music, dance, festivities or MAKING!

Join Heritage Crafts Co-Chair Jay Blades MBE and others for a celebration of craftsmanship and how it crosses over with other domains of living heritage, such as folk music and puppetry performances, and meet craft demonstrators and performers from across the UK talking about the skills they have inherited and hope to pass on to the future.

Learn how the decision to ratify the Convention might reinvigorate the way in which the UK thinks about itself and its heritage in its broadest sense, and how diverse communities from all across the country will be empowered to celebrate their distinctive making traditions.

This event is part of an ongoing partnership between Derby Museums and Heritage Crafts. Tickets range from £20 for members  to £30 for non-members, with an optional ‘grab and go’ lunch offer provided by The River Kitchen at the Museum of Making for an additional £8.




Speakers include:

  • Jay Blades MBE, Heritage Crafts Co-Chair and BBC Repair Shop
  • Daniel Carpenter, Heritage Crafts Executive Director
  • Oliver Hymans, marionette maker and performer
  • Andrea Chappell, kilt maker
  • Imogen Bright Moon, weaver and Heritage Crafts Trustee
  • Daahir Mohammed, lime plasterer

Demonstrators and performers include:

  • Andrew Grundon, sign writer
  • Chris Tummings, bamboo sax maker
  • Nicholas Konradsen, Lincolnshire smallpipes maker
  • Lawrence Dodd, lute maker
  • Katie Sims, weaver and textile designer
  • Sane Mafa, furniture designer / material developer
  • Joel Aspinall, digital maker / product designer

Other speakers, demonstrators and performers to be confirmed.

Horology Symposium – a resilient future for watch and clock making

Horology Symposium – a resilient future for watch and clock making

Hosted by Heritage Crafts and the Museum of Timekeeping

When: Friday 26 April 2024, 10am to 4pm
Where: Museum of Timekeeping, Upton Hall, Newark-on-Trent, NG23 5TE

How do we ensure a resilient future for watch and clock makers, and related horological crafts? Both watch and clock making are listed as endangered on the Red List of Endangered Crafts but we are also aware that there is need for additional research and data on this complex and diverse sector.

We are bringing together traditional makers, restorers, conservators and sector organisations to discuss how we can improve and promote opportunities for upcoming watch and clock makers, and ensure that skills and knowledge are passed on to the next generation.

The aim of the day will be to identify the needs and priorities for the sector and to inform the 2025 edition of the Red List of Endangered Crafts.