The HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts


Carpet and rug tufting


Creation of tufted carpets and rugs using a powered hand tool.


Status Endangered
Craft category
Historic area of significance Yorkshire
Area currently practised UK
Origin in the UK 1970s
Current no. of professionals (main income) Around 11-20
Current no. of professionals (sideline to main income)
Around 11-20
Current no. of trainees Around 1-5
Current total no. serious amateur makers
Current total no. of leisure makers
Minimum no. of craftspeople required








Local forms






Issues affecting the viability of the craft



Support organisations



Craftspeople currently known

  • Area Rugs and Carpets
  • Unique Rugs and Carpets
  • Trendytuft
  • Turnberry Carpets
  • Dovecot Studios
  • Hoxa Tapestry


Other information

  • Difficulty in sourcing yarn
  • Overseas price competition