Mapping Heritage Craft (2012) indicted that heritage craft in England alone produced a GVA that is similar to the petro-chemical industry, and, when calculated for the whole of the UK, is three times the GVA of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Having so little of this registered through SIC and SOC and thus ‘counting’ has been rather frustrating for the HCA and others involved in craft.

Each job title needs to be assessed according to the criteria set out for craft (which is defined in the document).

It is certainly not as simple as may appear, but it is, in the opinion of the HCA, essential to do this for all SOC codes that might relate to craft to ensure that crafts are identified as such, so that their significant contribution to the economy can be recognised, and policies can be developed which sustain the continuing growth of this sector. For SIC codes, it is evident that there needs to be development of the classification system at its next review, if these, too, are to be useful.

Read the report here (.docx, 198kb)