National Honours

There are almost 210,000 of us working in heritage crafts but we have been very poorly represented in the National Honours which come out twice a year on the Queen’s birthday and at New Year. However, the Heritage Crafts Association has been taking action, and we have now been recognised by the Honours Team as an organisation they contact officially requesting suggestions for suitable nominations. It is very time consuming, as we know from the nominations we have made, but it is well worth it to ensure that heritage crafts and craftspeople are nationally recognised.

The Heritage Crafts Association is delighted to have successfully nominated a number of world-class craftspeople. So far these are our successes:

  • Ewan Clayton MBE  2013
  • Owen Jones MBE 2013
  • Malcolm Appleby MBE 2014
  • Gail McGarva BEM  2014
  • Lida Kindersley MBE 2015
  • Robin Wood MBE 2015
  • Ray Key BEM 2015
  • Jane Short MBE 2015
  • Roger Bucknall MBE 2015
  • Hector Cole MBE 2016
  • Lisa Hammond MBE 2016

We do not know all those who should be recognised, and need help to identify additional makers. Individuals, craft guilds and membership organisations can all nominate suitable makers through the HCA.

The criteria for nominating a craftsperson for a National Honour through the HCA are:

  1. A heritage crafts maker who is nationally and probably internationally recognised for their excellence of craft skills. (The HCA nominates heritage/traditional makers only. If your craft is design-led, contemporary craft, then the Crafts Council is the organisation to contact.)
  2. Their craft work may be in recognised national collections such as the V&A and the Craft Study Centre.
  3. A maker who has been doing their craft for a minimum of ten years.
  4. Someone who stands head and shoulders above the rest.
  5. A maker who has probably passed on their skills.
  6. Someone who goes the extra mile and gives beyond the call of duty.

Click here to download the full nomination guidelines

Please think about who would be suitable to nominate in your craft, send us their name and a paragraph about them – include the level of their craftsmanship, any training, volunteering or advocacy work they have undertaken for their craft, and any other work they do for public benefit outside of their craft work (e.g. fundraising or volunteering for a local charity). The committee considers the names at the meetings in February and September.